Hey heartbreaker. Going to Simple Things in Bristol on Saturday? It’s the ace all-day festival taking place across a handful of the city’s best venues. Even better? London in Stereo is hosting a stage of kick ass bands, such as Bad Breeding, Idles and Lice

If you take the trip down the M4 you will be pleased that the annual festival has returned to Bristol’s streets. The line-up is bursting with musical wonders – from London grime god Kano to LA rock goddesses Warpaint – and it looks killer.

When your faithful London in Stereo crew departs the big smoke we’ll be taking one of our favourite local bands along – Dream Wife – so they can play our stage. The London trio of Rakel Mjöll (vocals), Alice Go (guitar/vocals) and Bella Podpadec (bass/vocals) are eager to press the flesh after releasing their impressive four-song EP earlier this year on Cannibal Hymns.

It features the stand-out track Hey Heartbreaker, complete with cutting riffs and screamy dreamy vocals – with a razor sharp video to match. It was recorded at Alice Go’s house in Bristol and Aeronaut studios in Reykjavik.

Alice, Bella and Icelandic singer Rakel formed the band at art school in Brighton where the project began as a performance piece. Now, it’s a much more serious endeavour that embraces their love of edgy pop and snarly looks.

Ahead of their Simple Things set this weekend, we caught up with Rakel to ask her what songs were rocking her world. And her replies were as stylish and frightening as you might expect. Read on…

Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack – Sally’s Song

“The start of this song sends shivers down my spine. The feeling you get right before something awful happens. This is my favourite holiday movie too. But it freaks me out.”

Michael Jackson – Thriller

“Thriller is an ultimate-classic-horror-tune. Featuring spooky sound effects like thunder, howling dogs and creaking doors and an epic 14-minute video that really tore apart what a music video could be.”

The Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs

“‘Venus in Furs’ by The Velvet Underground is such a dark song. Based on Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s 1870 novella by the same name, the story revolves around a man’s desire to be enslaved by a fur-clad lover: “Taste the whip in love not given lightly, taste the whip now plead for me.” Being terrified of and in love with this song is one of my oldest memories.”

Debaser – Pixies

“”Got me a movie/ I want you to know/ Slicing up eyeballs/ I want you to know.” Debaser is Black Francis slamming it down in lyrical horror perfection. Throughout the song Francis refers to himself as ‘un chien Andalusia’ from the 1929 surrealist film ‘Un Chien Andalou’, letting rip with screams beyond the deranged. Pixies forever.”

Marilyn Manson – Mob Scene

“It’s Marilyn Manson: IT’S SCARY, trust.”

Dream Wife play Simple Things on October 22nd.