Lucky Number – January 26th

Despite being one of the most exciting new bands around, there’s something very familiar about Icelandic-British trio Dream Wife’s self-titled debut.

Though we’ve become accustomed to bands arriving fully formed before disappearing after an unmatchable first album, Dream Wife’s opening salvo feels like indie debuts of old; a 34-minute cobweb-clearer with a few middling-to-good songs and a handful of spectacular ones.

The brattish punk of ‘Hey Heartbreaker’, decidedly early Hole-esque ‘Let’s Make Out’ and scathing attack on victim blaming that is the standout ‘Somebody’ deserve endless plaudits, even if they struggle to match those highs elsewhere.

But Dream Wife is a gripping record all the same, and a fine introduction to a band still growing into the formidable force they could become.

Buy: Dream Wife – Dream Wife

Live: Rough Trade East on January 29th, The Jazz Cafe on February 15th and Heaven on March 21st