Dream Nails’ dynamic DIY punk is undeniably fun and empowered bursting with vitality and incisive political commentary. Ahead of dropping their much-anticipated self-titled debut album next month, we caught up with the London-based “queer feminist punk witches” to get to know them a little better.

Yesterday they released ‘Vagina Police’, the latest track from the upcoming record. Hurtling along with fuzzy, propulsive basslines, crashing cymbals and punchy, sonorous vocals, ‘Vagina Police’ sees Dream Nails deliver a dizzying, effervescent rallying anthem. Every moment of the track exudes Dream Nails’ relentless energy and is exactly the kind of potent punk spirit we need right now.

Speaking on the track drummer Lucy Katz describes it as “our battle-cry against the persistent and pathetic-yet-insidious obsession of the state to police our bodies at any cost. It’s a song about reproductive rights and (in)justice in all its forms”, to which bassist Mimi Jassson adds “From abortions being illegal, to forced sterilization of trans people. We stand in solidarity with our trans siblings in the face of the UK’s repression of trans rights.”

Get to know Dream Nails In Short…

Three words to describe our music…
Janey: Punchy, fun, energetic

Anya: Carbs. Before. Marbs.

Lucy: You like punkbangers?

Mimi: Political. Queer. Jokes.

Last photo on your phone…
Janey: My daffodils!

Anya: A photo of me holding our album on vinyl for the first time!

Lucy: Quarantine Profiteroles I made last night and was so proud of I sent a pic to my parents.

Mimi: Screenshot of the latest free live workouts on Instagram.

Favourite instagram account…
Janey: @classicalshits is really offering the best quarantine-memes right now

Anya: Mimi introduced me to @socttishpatterr which cracks me up

Lucy: @loveofhuns gives jokes – it’s the hun, tv and pop culture kick you didn’t know you needed, hun x

Mimi: Think my favs are a tie between @reductress and @ghosted1996

The best venue I’ve played…
Janey: A punk club in Istanbul

Anya: An insane house party in Oslo with people crowdsurfing everywhere

Lucy: Sorry to be bait but I’m going to have to say the 2am set at Glastonbury’s Sixterhood stage.

Mimi: Greenbelt festival where they took such good care of us and were the friendliest people, and all ages as well!

Earliest song you remember…
Janey: Gina G – Just A Little Bit

Anya: Joan Baez – Copper Kettle

Lucy: Madonna – Isla Bonita

Mimi: R.E.M. – Man on the Moon

The worst job I’ve ever had…
Janey: Working in a vineyard in the South of France!

Anya: Supply teaching assistant.

Lucy: Selling beer on a beer cart at Wembley Stadium to drunk footy fans while wearing a stupid hat.

Mimi: Working in a restaurant where the manager felt it necessary to hold my waist

Favourite food on tour…
Janey: Tofu thai green curry

Anya: Chips for our YouTube series Chip Advisor!

Lucy: The food that is free.

Mimi: Humble bun with spread that was made from our rider the night before.

My Favourite word…
Janey: Boundaries

Anya: Drylord

Lucy: Chirpse

Mimi: Extraterrestrial

Things that cheer me up…
Janey: Hello Kitty

Anya: My cat, Pomegranate

Lucy: Milk chocolate digestives.

Mimi: Doggos

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…
Janey: Under the sea

Anya: Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury

Lucy: Japan

Mimi: At the great pyramids of Giza

I think you should listen to…
Janey: Dorothy Ashby

Anya: Margaret Glaspy

Lucy: Betty Davis

Mimi: Kathryn Joseph

If I could see anyone play live it would be…
Janey: Dorothy Ashby

Anya: Spoon (again)

Lucy: The Slits back in the day.

Mimi: Frightened Rabbit

‘Dream Nails’ is out August 28th on Alcopop! Records. Pre-order here.

Photo credit: Chloe Hashemi and Emily Barker