Why do you live in London?
Jake: I moved here from Essex for college. That was thirteen years ago and I haven’t left yet so there must be something about it…
Dean: Mostly ‘cause there’s loads of diversity. Growing up in Southern England surrounded by a million other white people sucked.
Nicola: I get bored really easily and it’s harder to be bored in London. There’s also always going to be some kind of music scene here (I hope), even if it changes and evolves. Also most of my friends live here so if I move I’ll have no friends. Also the multitude of takeaway pizza options.

What’s a really good day out you can have here?
Dean: Walk everywhere and go to loads of parks.
Jake: The Bermondsey Beer Mile is my favourite day out I’ve discovered in the last year. Just pace yourself innit.

Where do you like to eat and drink?
Nicola: I’ve lived in Finsbury Park for the whole six years I’ve been in London and there are loads of sneakily great restaurants around there, my favourite is Cafe Mexicali cos it’s totally unpretentious but the food and service are amazing. There’s also a French place in Islington called La Petite Auberge which always has a lovely atmosphere. I like to drink anywhere where the least people are, preferably some kind of old man pub or my own living room.
Dean: Persepolis in Peckham. Get a sour cherry juice.
Jake: The Lamb on Holloway Road is pretty cool and you can get Sorrento’s Pizza delivered straight to your table. Get an 18” to yourself, I promise it’s a really good idea. Honest.

Summer’s (mostly) here, how do you like London when the sun’s shining?
Dean: Summer in London is my fave time of year, although everything smells like trash.
Jake: It’s good as long as you’re not just walking along the road inhaling fumes all day. If you can get to a park or a beer garden then it’s pretty lovely.
Nicola: There’s always something going on and you can just walk about with a tin of beer in the street and feel all lovely, as long as someone with flip flops on isn’t walking in front of you.

What’s the worst thing about London?
Nicola: The unpredictability of pigeons.
Dean: The smell of trash.
Jake: The hostility of everyone on public transport, me included.

Your favourite outdoor space?
Dean: Richmond Park is cool. I like all the animals.
Nicola: I generally like outdoor spaces that make you feel like you’re not in London, but we did go to Frank’s Cafe in Peckham recently and it was pretty amazing to see the whole city from the rooftop. You forget you’re in this huge place, there was also a big dark cloud looming over everything that evening which made it feel dramatic.
Jake: Clissold Park. It’s really pretty and a five minute walk from my flat. There’s butterflies and goats and deer and stuff but my favourite thing to do there is sit on a bench and just watch for hours as all the yuppie parents stop every five seconds to make sure the sun is still shining out of their kids’ arses.

Any favourite gig venues?
Jake: DIY Space for London in South Bermondsey continues to be excellent. Closer to me North of the river, The Shacklewell Arms and The Lexington always have good vibes.
Nicola: The ones where the sound people are nice, that makes all the difference. The people are always nice at The Shacklewell and also Urban Bar in Whitechapel, there’s a good vibe in there. RIP to my personal fave Power Lunches.

If you could live anywhere in London where would it be?
Dean: At the very top of The Shard, looking down like some weird, twisted overlord as lightning cracks around me.

Does London ever influence the music you write?
Nicola: I’m not sure if London as an entity explicitly influences the music, but certainly the experiences we’ve had and people we’ve met as a direct result of living in London do. Maybe there’s something in the urgency of London that makes its way into our mental state and in turn influences the way we write, but that’s quite convoluted.

How would you advise someone to get the most out of London?
Nicola: Don’t get sucked in by the tourist traps. There are loads of independent shows and other interesting creative things going on, it can be hard to find them amongst all the noise. Oh also maybe we could all be a little nicer to each other/less impatient and collectively have a more enjoyable time.
Dean: Yeah, if everyone slowed down just a lil bit our average life expectancy might increase. Anything to avoid the Reaper.

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