Because Music – 26th January

Django Django’s Marble Skies is a genre-blending spectrum of trippy, dance-fuelled fun. With the band returning to their DIY aesthetic, the collection feels fresh and summer-ready.

The album drifts between 80s synth-pop, to rockabilly-influences and dreamy electronics, which leaves it feeling a bit choppy at points. While none of the tracks stand out alone as being particularly spectacular or groundbreaking, the album as a whole is undoubtedly groovy and enjoyable to listen to.

Opening track ‘Marble Skies’, with its 80’s, dream-pop feel, is propelled by Metronomy’s Anna Prior, who joined the band in recording the album. It’s catchy, up-tempo and reminiscent of krautrock artists like Kraftwerk or Faust, whilst the title track seems to encompass the album’s progressive-rock influences and cosmic rhythms with its avant-garde electric feel.

‘Surface to Air’ has a more commercial, tropical house-sounding tone to it with vocals by Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor, which feels a little bit safe or methodical in comparison to the opening. ‘Sundials’ is a personal favourite, with carefully layered vocals and an airy psychedelic vibe to it. The collaboration with American jazz-fusion and electronic artist Jan Hammer makes for a track that is dripping in dream-pop charm.

Taking things back to a DIY aesthetic creates a more raw feeling to the album, and a lot more personality shines through as we can tap into what influences really make the band tick. It’s a perfect soundtrack for travelling forward to the summertime, and well worth a listen for those wanting to escape the January blues.

Django Django – Marble Skies
January 26, 2018 – Because