In the wake of the release of their new album ‘Baby Teeth’, we spoke to Dizzy’s chief songwriter and lyricist Katie to find out about a few tracks that have influenced their sound.

Dizzy, the Canadian four-piece, have been teasing tracks throughout this year in preparation of the release of their album ‘Baby Teeth’. Their last single, Backstroke is the perfect execution of what Dizzy do so well over the course of their record. Led by Katie Munshaw, it’s the sound of sweet, fizzing dream-pop delivered by a young band primed for the bigger stages.

Formed in Oshawa, Ontario by three brothers (Alex, Mackenzie, and Charlie Spencer) and a close-school friend in Katie (the band’s chief songwriter/lyricist), Dizzy have one eye cast over the classic, small-town mind set of their immediate neighbourhood, and the other on leveraging the banality and frustration of it to get them out and across the world.

We caught up with chief songwriter and lyricist Katie to find out about a few tracks that have influenced their sound.

‘First Love/Late Spring’ – Mitski

I had a playlist playing while cleaning my room one afternoon. As soon as the chorus lyrics came in I stopped in my tracks and hit the replay button. Sometimes songs hit you right in a place you never even knew existed-and that’s what happened here for me. My favourite find of 2018 so far.


‘What’s the use?’ – Mac Miller

This track is the perfect mix of 70s soul, Funk, & Hip Hop. It features the legendary bassist Thundercat, who steps to the forefront during one of the most integrated bridges of a song I’ve heard in a long time. The transition back into the main groove from the bridge is a tidal wave of head bobbing stank.


Gold Rush’ – Death Cab for Cutie

I love how ambiguous the chord progression is. The way the piano and vocal are the only things really directing your ears, with the bass just hanging on the root. The arrangement is well put together and the lo-fi effect on Ben’s voice sits perfectly on top.


‘Talia’ – King Princess

Great pop melodies. The chorus hook pulls you right in, and the low end in the beat is perfectly crafted. Pop GOLD.


‘Little Italy’ – Little Comets

I like how he uses his voice and lyrics phonetically to go with the rhythm of the guitar, and the harmonies in the chorus.


‘Baby Teeth’ is out now.