Saddle Creek – March 6th

When life gives you lemons, what do you do? The reality has nothing to do with lemonade production, or G&T. You’re usually too melancholy, distracted or over-worked for that. You forget you have lemon juice on your fingers and you wipe it into your eyes.

For Disq, on Collector, therein lies the rub: modern life is regularly rubbish, and it stings. The workaday tedium of staring at screens on ‘Daily Routine’ leads naturally into being “too restless to unwind” on ‘I’m Really Trying’. By the time we hit the penultimate track, we hear them rock out on the exhaustedly bleak ‘I Wanna Die’. Frequently sounding like a blend of the Lemon Twigs and The Lemonheads, Collector balances its lyrical acidity with compositional freshness and zest.

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Live: The Windmill on May 13th