Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg.

Domino – July 13th

What Dirty Projector’s new album lacks in heart, it makes up for with precociousness. Even the attempt to poke fun of its own self-seriousness via the arch title Lamp Lit Prose is precocious. And that’s a problem for someone as clever as Dave Longstreth. How do you make prodigiousness appealing rather than annoying?

What makes this record skew towards the latter is its attempt to anthologise itself. While guests like Syd and Dear Nora look promising on the tracklist, their distinctiveness and personality are eschewed. You’d hardly be able to tell them apart from the female vocalists who had left the band years before. And despite Longstreth’s genius for melody, that’s not what once put Dirty Projectors among the greatest bands on Earth. A true fusion of love and collectivity was the band’s real draw. Now, it’s quite apparent that Dirty Projectors is not much more than a single avatar pretending to be otherwise.

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Live: Village Underground on 21st August and 22nd August