Dinosaur Pile Up – Eleven Eleven // Album Review

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What binds us to our favourite bands are often their personal and relatable lyrics, right? Right. Back with their third album Eleven Eleven Dinosaur Pile-Up have seemingly mastered the art of simplistic yet effective word play. But it’s their harder, stronger and more destructively powerful guitar crashes and drum hammerings that give us deeper exposure into a four-piece who clearly have dark motives to scream about. Interlaced issues of anxiety and self-loathing-come-acceptance will undoubtedly build on greater depths for new and old listeners, but their fiercely tight radio friendly tracks such as ’11 11′ and ‘Willow Tree’ also give the record a familiar feel. A self-help album might be a statement too far, but clearly DPU have created something that all listeners can relate too – and even if it’s a helping hand to one person, then this is surely a triumph in its own right.

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