Partisan Records – September 14th 

Dilly Dally once saw success as the answer to all their problems. By that logic, their acclaimed 2015 debut album Sore should have been a cure-all for the Toronto punks. Instead, it had the opposite effect and a second album almost wasn’t made. A year spent writing got the band out of the woods and back on gloriously abrasive form and, despite its uncertain beginnings, Heaven is a beacon of positivity. “Believe in yourself,” frontwoman Katie Monks instructs on ‘Believe’, while the slow siren spins of ‘Sorry Ur Mad’ find her freeing herself of energy-sapping grudges. Each distorted wall of riffs or crunching beat – like ‘Doom”s supersonic, needling revs – is a cathartic force, brilliantly reinforcing Monks’ rasped messages of hope and making you thank whoever’s up above they stuck it out.

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Live: Sebright Arms on October 9th