Dead Oceans – January 31st

Have We Met is a refinement of the shimmering indie-pop Dan Bejar’s Destroyer perfected on 2011’s Kaputt, and while there’s little to be found that will surprise anyone who’s followed his career trajectory over the past few decades, there is more than enough that will delight.

Continuing the tradition of there really not being any bad Destroyer albums, Have We Met has a number of peaks that put it among Bejar’s best. The gorgeous ‘It Just Doesn’t Happen’ is one of the most rewarding compositions, and of course it’s peppered with the sort of turns of phrase that see him regarded as one of rock’s most skilled lyricists (“The television music supervisor says ‘I can’t believe what I’ve done’…” being a favourite).

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Live: Village Underground on May 5th and Lafayette on July 9th