Destroyer – Five Spanish Songs // EP Review


Dead Oceans // December 2nd

Bored with the “despicable” English language, Dan Bejar sat down and recorded a few songs penned by Sr Chinnaro; a group whose major contribution outside of Spain extends solely to, uh, this. It’s not that the linguistic change makes it inaccessible as such, but that without the emotional depth Bejar’s witty, surreal words usually provide his Destroyer handle, the onus is on the music itself. Herein lies its downfall, the charming bossa rhythms and delicate percussion bordering on deathly dull. While mostly chugging along cheerfully in its inoffensive, Devendra Banhart-lite schtick, a few choice moments such as the crunchy guitar of ‘El Rito’ rescue an otherwise forgettable release.


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