We catch up with Desire ahead of their show at Pitchfork Paris to find out what amazing influences inform their sound.

What’s in the Montreal water that means so much rich, thoughtful and innovative dance music hails from there? Desire are no exception to this rule, a trio made up of vocalist Megan Louise, producer Johnny Jewel & Chromatics’ member Nat Walker, they make the kind of sophisticated sound you’d expect from such pedigree. They’re busy on tour at the moment hitting the brilliant Pitchfork Paris later this month so we caught up with them to find out what inspirations lurk behind that seductive sound.

Chromatics – In The City

This is the first Chromatics song I ever heard. It introduced me to the cinematic world of Italians Do It Better. Ruth’s striking vocals haunted me nightly walking the wet streets of Montreal.

Krakow Loves Adana – Follow The Voice

New to the Italians Do It Better family, Krakow Loves Adana’s ‘Follow The Voice’ is my new obsession. Driving through the Hollywood Hills at sunset I have been listening on repeat to this beautiful song. “I’m a pale phantom of myself…”

Glass Candy – Geto Boys

Queen Bee Ida No knows how to get me dancing. Just put on a Glass Candy beat and you’re in for a good time! Sharing this gem with you all in honor of our late friend Bushwick Bill of Geto Boys, RIP.

Zola Jesus – Wiseblood (Johnny Jewel remix)

This Spring, this is the only song I could listen to. I went through a dark period of my life and every time I would hear this song it gave me hope. It’s such an emotional song. It holds a special place in my heart.

Johnny Jewel (featuring Saoirse Ronan) – Tell Me

This song is a sweet whisper in my ear every time I hear it. “Whisper that you love me, that you’ll never leave me…” Rat and Bones forever. Originally recorded for the movie Lost River, Saoirse Ronan famously recorded the song in one take sitting on the floor in the dark with Johnny and Ryan Gosling.

Catch Desire supporting Chromatics at Roundhouse on October 27th or, get yourself to Paris Pitchfork Music Festival Paris, eat some cheese with us and see them there!