Deradoorian – The Expanding Flower Planet // Album Review

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What is The Expanding Flower Planet? It’s the latest solo offering from Dirty Projector/Slasher Flick member Angel Deradoorian and an album of somnambulistic grooves. It’s a land of discordant musical influences brought together in polymorphic style, like a weird blend of 70s Italian horror soundtracks (‘Violet Mind’ and ‘Komodo’) and pagan folklore (‘Your Creator’). It’s a parallel universe where Can’s ‘Mushroom’ has been given a sci-fi makeover and re-named ‘The Invisible Man’ while Broadcast perform live scores to puppet theatre enactments of David Lynch films (‘Ouneya’). It’s a jungle that pulses to Middle Eastern and African rhythms and rings with her distinctive vocal acrobatics. It’s all these things together but also none of them.

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