Deptford Goth – Songs // Album Review

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Simply calling your album Songs makes sense for the open-hearted yearning of someone like Deptford Goth. Even more so than the diary-like Life After Defo, here Daniel Woolhouse sings tenderly of love and relationships like he’s only talking to you. While it perhaps lacks that debut’s fluency, it makes up for it in heart and joy. The gentle heartstring pulls of ‘Do Exist’ and the life-affirming beauty of ‘Two Hearts’ mean this is a more blissful opus to relationships. Repeated listens also reveal an artist opening up – the spaces in the sound filled by a confidence in Woolhouse’s own voice. It makes for an album that looks outwards rather than inwards, one that reveals a belief that everything will be okay in the end. As he sings on ‘The Lovers’ “Love stays, everything goes”.


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