Sexy, subversive, brilliant, ever relevant; Depeche Mode are back on the road and thank god for that.

There are very few acts who’ve been a band longer than you’ve been alive that are still exciting, fresh and powerful as the day their started. Depeche Mode are one of them. Seeing them live is a total treat, the excitement palpable and heat visible in the colossal dome of 20,000 fans gathered in Greenwich. Yet this arena show maintains an impressive intimacy and is at many delicious points, a total love in.

You could put that down to Dave Gahan’s inimitable, bendy moves, Martin Gore’s eternally moving words, or Andy Fletcher’s time bending synth blasting, or accept that as a collective, here are one of the most well loved, musically brilliant British bands of all time. When Gahan swirls 20,000 people cheer. When Gore takes his lesser spotted turn at singing 20,000 people howl applause long after the song is over. Singalongs are rife. Sweat pours. You can’t mistake the love.

Coming on the gargantuan stage to The Beatles’ ‘Revolution’, having a peace sign emblazoned on their drum kit, promoting a new single ‘Where’s the Revolution’, the working class heroes from Basildon have never been afraid to make their position known, and tonight the fans are more than happy to confirm theirs. We believe in Depeche Mode.

Starting with 90s favourites ‘It’s No Good’ and ‘Barrel of a Gun’, they move through a killer set, climaxing in a string of glorious anthems ‘Everything Counts’, ‘Stripped’ and ‘Enjoy the Silence’ (tears shed, marbles lost, still not found) and pounding in to an encore of ‘Strangelove’ and ‘Personal Jesus’. Leaving the O2, looking around at all the beaming faces, still singing favourite songs, you feel as though you’ve been part of something truly very special.

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