PHLEX – June 22nd

Guillermo Astrain’s stirring falsetto on ‘Epic’ opens up Muzik. Almost otherworldly, it’s devastatingly beautiful and incredibly moreish; a siren call for summer, it sets the tone for the world that Delorean have created with their fifth studio album. Track three, ‘Figures’ – a stunning cauldron of vocals and disarming synth – is never lazy. Everything feels in unison and the track is elevated higher than anything else on the album; it’s vibrant, fitting as a perfect encapsulation of summer.

The synth and electronic elements throughout listening are stunning and ever-present. Though they never take centre stage, they are always there, lifting each song into more than the sum of it’s parts. This is more evident than ever on ‘Contra’. “I’d like to speak to you but I can’t find what it takes now to talk,” amplifies how the feeling of listening to this album: I don’t want to talk to you, I want to lose myself a little more in this dreamy, utopian world of vibrancy, colour and warmth. A constant invitation to close your eyes and tilt your head towards the sun, Muzik is fresh, joyful, enthralling and – ultimately – gorgeous.