Released last week, Delhia de France‘s ‘Razor’ is flawlessly and breathtakingly striking. We caught up with the enigmatic and entrancingly celestial artist to talk Oscar Wilde, the universe and what dish she loves to cook.

Otherworldly flutters and subtle warped intonations craft the backdrop for Delhia de France’s ethereal, crystalline vocals and poignant piano melodies on ‘Razor’. At the core of the track is a visceral balance between the organic and the synthetic; dusty, creaking piano chords resound alongside fuzzed-out static, resulting in an atmosphere that is at once uncanny and imbued with warmth. This duality is something that runs throughout Delhia’s work as she explores sounds that feel intimate and familiar yet transcendent and unearthly.

Of the track, Delhia expresses “‘Razor’ symbolizes the way how we often try to fight pain – or ignore or hide it and it when in truth I believe we need to be soft with ourselves to heal. with every weapon or defense mecha-nism we keep up we will only feed the pain – we can’t kill the devil by becoming it. maybe we shouldn’t even see it as an enemy, more as a part of ourselves that wants love too”. And this raw emotiveness she details is tangible in the nuanced and incisive intricacy of the track.

Get to know Delhia de France In Short…

Three words to describe my music… melancholia, liquid, mercurial

Last photo on your phone… screenshot of morphing black goop

Favourite instagram account… @andrewthomashuang

The best venue I’ve played… otherwordly Unlimited Festival at Mont Blanc, except I didn’t, it fell through due to COVID-19

Earliest song you remember… the universe humming

The worst job I’ve ever had… must have been so bad I don’t remember

The thing I love to cook is… impossible beef bolognese

My Favourite word… Kopfsteinstraßenpflaster

A book I love… any Oscar Wilde

‘Razor’ is out now via Eat The Fruit.

Photo credit: Alix Spence