Ahead of her show at Plisskën Festival in Athens on Saturday 8th December, get to know DEBONAIR In Five…

Debi Ghose aka DEBONAIR has had a huge 2018. From shows across the U.S. to Panorama Bar and De School and regular appearances in London, Debonair rounds out the year by playing Athens’ Plisskën Festival, where she’ll join the likes of Elena Colombi, Nathan Fake and Object Blue, before playing Magnetic Fields Festival in India next week.

The NTS mainstay favours a palette that spans everything from EBM to post-punk, and her DJ sets are a technicolour joy to behold. Her recent appearance in The Lab for Mixmag saw her prove, once again, why she is one of London’s most exciting DJs.

From kicking off Friday night to welcoming Saturday morning, DEBONAIR has selected five records for us, perfect to listen to as you watch the sun rise. From the discombobulated and murky opening bars of DZ Electric & Anthon Shield to Connan Mockasin’s Phantasy released classic ‘Forever Dolphin Love’, float into daybreak with DEBONAIR’s selections below.

Ahead of her show at Plisskën Festival in Athens on Saturday 8th December, get to know DEBONAIR In Five…


To me this sounds like a groggy morning – weary and discombobulated to start with, then soaring and hopeful. It’s a beautiful opener for sets and I love how it’s quite disjointed, featuring that euphoric top-line which seems to do its own thing, quite separate to the percussion and bass track.


One of the first records I loved enough and with the most delicate instrumentation to really invest in –  it fills me with awe on every listen and sometimes tears too. The malaise in the vocals makes it all the more charming, though this gets more tender yet skittish as the song progresses. Meaning “My Life Is Big,” it’s a subtle yet expansive beauty to rouse the day with.


I read once that this record explores the passage through time and this track exemplifies that feeling well. It starts off almost metronomic then traverses different realms. I’m on a different plane by the time it ends.


The ultimate head-swimming treat; I’d been waiting years to drop this track in a set then finally got a few opportunities this year. It feels like whimsical breaths being inhaled and exhaled against a pounding heartbeat – definitely one to save for special company.


An indie classic which never ceases to draw me in. I saw Erol Alkan drop this at peak time during a DJ set once and was pretty dumbfounded by how it could hold a heaving dance-floor at 3am, snuck in the middle of chugging techno. I love how it’s about four different compositions in one, and the bassline lick which appears somewhere in the middle then returns at the end as the various other elements strip back. A modern masterpiece.

DEBONAIR plays Plisskën Festival in Athens on Saturday 8th December 2018.