If success was measured purely on the company one keeps, Deb Never would already be a huge deal universally. Take recent co-signs from Brockhampton, Tommy Genesis, Shlohmo, Dominic Fike, and Dylan Brady of 100gecs out of the equation however, and you’re simply left with one of the most intriguing new artists in the world right now.

Raised largely in the Pacific Northwest, interspersed by spells in Korea and Malaysia thanks to her pastor-father’s missionary work, Deb has been writing music since the age of 15, inspired by groups like Radiohead, Brand New and Nirvana. Since moving to L.A., however, she’s truly found clarity with her songwriting, and in the process some influential collaborators in the shape of West Coast collective WEDIDIT. Indeed, her debut EP was exec-produced by key member D33J and put out through their eponymous imprint.

Released last August, the House On Wheels EP showcased Deb’s unique take on singer-songwriter fare, blurring the boundaries between emo, grunge and hip hop brilliantly. Arrangements are refreshingly simple throughout, be it the naked angst of ‘Ugly’, which is set to sparse piano and ticking percussion, or the lightly-Autotuned vocals that undulate over programmed beats on ‘Swimming’. It’s a compelling introduction to an authentic new voice who’s undoubtedly bound for bigger things.

Photo by Zhamak Fullad.

Live: Finsbury Park on July 11th

T: @debnever F: @debnever