Photo by Eliot Lee Hazel.

August 17th – Atlantic Records

“Please don’t change / Stay the same” Ben Gibbard pleads on ‘Gold Rush’, the lead single from Death Cab for Cutie’s ninth studio album. Evolution was clearly playing on the band’s mind in writing Thank You For Today, as longtime touring members were introduced into its creation. ‘You Moved Away’ describes, with typical Gibbard poignancy, a friend leaving their hometown of Seattle, nostalgia flows heavily through closer ’60 & Punk’, while the aforementioned single battles with gentrification and over-development. Sonically, Thank You For Today is a treat: Plans can be heard in the classic, emotional Death Cab hue of ‘Your Hurricane’ and ‘When We Drive’, while the frenetic, hypnotic rhythm to ‘Summer Years’ will please Postal Service fans. 20 years on from their inception, Death Cab may have changed but their brilliance has stayed the same.

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Live: Eventim Apollo on February 1st 2019