Aporia – 27th January 

Grunge isn’t dead in 2016 and Dearly Beloved prove that with new album Admission. The Canadian quartet are experts of hard edges crusty punk, their frantic spirit catchy and fun in its volatile assault on the senses. Their follow up to Enduro continues to take the influence of Pixies, Sonic Youth and Queens of the Stone Age, and hone them in their own fuzzed out sweaty style. Drenched in restless reverb, the ten track album is restless, lawless and elevating.

First single ‘I Tried To Leave’ explores the tales of television addicts, consumer capitalism and modern lovers through a pulsating and invigorating tune. ‘These Dates’ is a filled with club beats, whilst the slower ‘Who Wants To Know’ and ‘Boxing Day’ show that the duo have a slower side, whilst the underlying jagged riffs show that the ferocity within never quite leaves. A collision of speeds occurs when ‘Strobe Dosing’ bounds with muscular angst, and closer ‘Future Rock’ reminds us that even through such carnage the band are structurally all about catchy connection.

The band have an exuberant relationship that allows their voices and instruments to complement one another but also frequently erupts with spiky hums and confrontational victory. Recorded at Dave Grohl’s Studio 600 over ten days on a custom built analog console means that organic sense permeates the perilous magic of Admission, and reminds us that good music transcends genre and generation.

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