Fabric – July 21st

To be eagerly anticipating a new record and have it arrive in the form of a lengthy FABRICLIVE mix is jarring, to say the least. After stumbling upon the album announcement, a nagging sense that my nights were about to be consumed by far-flung Facebook pages dedicated to identifying track ID’s loomed. Thankfully, FABRICLIVE 93 finds Dan Snaith taking the unprecedented step of constructing a mix of twenty-three unreleased Daphni songs and four edits. A salivating prospect for any fan or fabric devotee.

Despite Snaith outlining his newfound freedom in stitching together a mix of organic tracks, the first half hour feels surprisingly laboured, lacking any meaningful hooks and overcooking a grating sample that blights ‘Hey Drum’ beyond repair. No matter, for what follows is one of the most diverse and joyous mixes that fabric have put their name to.

‘Tin’, a woozy dream sequence of a track and granted a release after its mysterious debut in 2012 prompted a plethora of pleading YouTube comments, feels like the catalyst. Snaith weaves ferocity (‘Joli Mai’) into a delicate whisper (‘Nocturne’), nostalgic garage vocals (‘So It Seems’) alongside big band theatrics (‘Vs’) and funnels it all into the mammoth dancefloor wrecker that is ‘The Truth’. Incredibly, none of it sounds out of place, exquisitely arranged by Snaith and proving that, when legs are tiring and minds are unravelling, Daphni can deliver one hell of a second act.

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