Balatonic – March 30th

If you were expecting Reading Festival’s favourite piss targets, Daphne and Celeste, to have been cryogenically frozen as helium infused bubblegum-pop angst ridden fun, then (whisper it), Daphne & Celeste Save The World will disappoint. But it’s been 18 years. None of us are young anymore. Not even them. Instead, together with electro-producer-extraodinaire, Max Tundra, we’ve got 13 songs of slick pop meets 90s video game soundtracks. And there’s a good dig at the Sheerans in ‘BB’ to remind us of the caustic duo of old. ‘Taking Notes’ kinda evokes Madonna, circa ‘Vogue’, ‘Whatever Happened to Yazz’ is pleasingly bonkers and ‘Song To A Succulent’ is disarmingly sweet. Sure, we wish they’d turned up the chipmunk a little, but ooh, stick us, I guess.

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