woolhouse37 Adventures – October 28th

Deptford Goth has changed his name and just as well for all the voracious Deptford Goths keeping a beady eye out for a new record that sounds like his old records because this one doesn’t. Almost completely gone is the skew-whiff RnB vibe and in its place is a kind of twee folk-pop feel with the odd country twang underpinned by a harmonious echo here, a saxophone (sound of 2015) there. Its anxious lyrics are obscured by an upbeat ‘everything’s fine!’ line running all the way through; title track ‘What’s That Sound?’ is a carnival of despair. There’s a touch of the old ‘Goth on slower songs like ‘Map of the Moon’ and ‘Oh These Landscapes’ but Daniel’s firmly striking out into poppier territory than ever before here.

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