Dancing On My Own // Vol. 6

This month, Victoria talks toxic masculinity and how the “soft boy and all round cutie” Kojaque is the perfect remedy.

In the shadows of tens of thousands of people protesting a misogynistic figurehead of toxic masculinity – a trend that’s been extending itself throughout politics, pop culture and society, Kojaque is the self-professed “soft boy and all round cutie” that we truly deserve. 
‘Eviction Notice’, from his debut album, ‘Deli Daydreams’ discards the familiar stiff upper lip machismo we’ve grown used to in rap with a refreshing honesty and vulnerability all delivered in an undeniably charming Dublin lilt, and I literally can’t stop listening to it.

It’s hard not to pay attention to a song whose opening lines are, “Cried about you this morning/on my break from the office/Susan made me a coffee/she was embarrassed and awkward” over a meandering jazz-tinged piano and relaxed drums, and it’s certainly refreshing to hear a man admit that he cried over a girl and sound genuine and factual, rather than ashamed of it.
It’s not rife with melodramatic metaphors for heartbreak, as Kojaque straight up admits, “been working 9-5/and they don’t pay me squat to think about what could have been” through syrupy sweet harmonized vocals.

The problem with talking about Eviction Novice is that it’s almost impossible to adequately define just how good the song’s hook is, and why my repeated plays of it have been driving my phones’ battery into the ground for the past week. After being eased into the track through the lazy warmth of the piano and the soothing marriage of Kojaque and Kean Kavanaugh’s laidback vocal styles as they tell the story of dealing with an unrequited love, the most disarmingly soulful hook reveals itself, elevating the track to an unexpected simplistic brilliance, to the point where it’s honestly a challenge for me to listen to the song in its entireyy because I keep rewinding back to the two minute mark to hear it again and stop to do the gun fingers dance.

It’s an intimate and honest song, and despite the tragic subject of being heartbroken over an unrealized love, something about it sounds perfectly suited for the seemingly never-ending feeling of being hot, sleepy and hazily day drunk during the uncharacteristically long, hot summer we’re currently being blessed with. But maybe that’s just because I’ve been listening to it while sunbathing in the garden all weekend – I’ll probably still love it just as much in the dead of winter.