Ahead of their latest night at The Victoria tonight, promoter Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds share five up-and-coming all-female acts they’re excited about.

Despite attempts to balance out the gender diversity of artists on our stages, there’s still an incredibly long way to go.

Research by Pitchfork in April surveying 996 acts playing a variety of US festivals this year found just 14 percent of acts were female, with an additional 12 percent from mixed groups containing male, female or non-binary members. Here in the UK, although later announcements balanced out the line-up a little, Reading and Leeds’ first wave of performers announced in January managed to include fifty-seven men…and just one woman.

It’s not too far forward from research two years ago which suggested that UK festival line-ups were, on average, 86% male. But what’s perhaps most baffling about statistics like these is that talented non-male artists seem to be everywhere – so why aren’t they being widely represented on our stages?

It’s a problem a group of Music Business undergraduates at BIMM London music college have tried to help solve by founding Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds last year, a promoter that puts on nights featuring all female line-ups whilst aiming to create an inclusive space for all. “The music industry is still very much male dominated, on stage as well as off stage, so we founded Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds with the aim of improving the gender inequality across the industry,” one of the founders, Lisa, said of starting the organisation. “When we started doing events, a little more than a year ago, there weren’t many promoters with a clear gender focus out there, so we decided to be the change that we want to see!”

Specialising in indie, rock and punk acts with a political and social conscience, their night for International Women’s Day at The George Tavern in March was a sell-out and they’re back on June 1st (tonight!) this time with another bill feat. The Pearl Harts, Ghost Car, The Nyx and Long Teeth.

We spoke to Lisa and Isabelle, the two current promoters at Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds about five all-female bands they’re currently excited about – and why they matter.

The Pearl Harts
What’s not to admire about this dynamic duo? Their loud, blues driven rock music gives us instant chills and their intoxicating riffs makes it impossible to stand still! The band was recently handpicked to tour with giants like Garbage and Skunk Anansie, and are known for their intense live performances, and we’re just so honoured to have these girls join us at our show!

Peach Club
We absolutely love these girls! They have such a raw energy and they are the absolute essence of girl power. Their gritty riot grrrl sound and politically charged songs are the perfect antidote for the patriarchal society we live in and seeing how much fun they have on stage together almost makes us want to start our own band. Their track ‘Mission Impossible’ is all about the insane expectations we put on women and how women are set up to fail right from the start because of current social structures and injustices – the same social structures that we are trying to fight with our work at Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds.

The Nyx
We’ve been having our eyes on these ladies for a while now and are therefore beyond excited to have them play on our next event! This ferocious four-piece rock band has a unique way of mixing rock with elements of soul and grunge to create their own very distinctive and exhilarating sound. Their newest single ‘Fire Breathing Lady’, from their self-titled debut EP, is such an anthem for women everywhere and we just can’t wait to hear it live! These ladies definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

The Tuts
The Tuts are by far the biggest band we’ve worked with to this day, honestly, we actually thought they were too big for us before we asked them to headline our International Women’s Day event at The George Tavern! These girls are so incredibly ambitious in everything that they do and to see them live is just such a treat. Their latest ‘Something Worth Voting For’ tour couldn’t be more spot on in the current political climate and they absolutely dominate the DIY-scene at the moment. This is feminist punk at its finest.

So we haven’t actually worked with these ladies yet, but we really want to! Yassassin is definitely one of the most exciting bands on the London scene right now and it just feels like they will explode any minute now. With their hypnotising vocals, catchy hooks and socially conscious lyrics we have grown to become absolutely obsessed with their sound and we just can’t wait to hear more from this brilliant group!

Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds is at The Victoria tonight feat. The Pearl Harts, Ghost Car, The Nyx and Long Teeth.