facebooktwitterGlasgow-via-London trio (singer/ guitarist Eva Liu, bassist Lucci Rossi and drummer Danny Grant) came out of the starting gates fast back in late 2016, quickly attracting all the right attention. And then, almost as quickly as they emerged, things went quiet. Instead of thoughtlessly grabbing at any leg-up that came their way, the band instead opted to slow things down and take their time to master their craft. Their debut self-titled EP, released in November, saw them return even stronger and more exciting than before; four tracks of unique, charming and – most importantly – addictive art-rock that pack more ideas into 12 minutes than some bands manage in an hour. ‘Tightrope’ especially stands out as a late contender for one of the songs of the year, building from bass-heavy foundations to fully fleshed-out, sugar-coated noise that’ll leave you giddy. Whether a full album follows in 2018 remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – Dama Scout are no flash in the pan.

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