1064654AD – October 7th

D.D Dumbo’s lolloping, looping debut full-length feels very young and as old as the hills. There are songs here that sound like the Famous Five setting off on another adventure, even if they are called ‘Satan’ or talk of blood-drenched money, fratricide and death by caviar. African rhythms tessellate with mermaid wails, harpsichords butt up against panpipes and break beats, and tying it all together is Dumbo’s preoccupation with religion and the occult. He sings the absolute shit out of closing track ‘Oyster’, his smooth voice cracking as he builds it up and up into an almost ecclesiastical release. While 2014’s dreamy Tropical Oceans EP twinkled like the sun off the sea, Utopia Defeated is a storm-cloud with the sun behind it; dark but with the promise of light.

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