We listened to the third release from the illusive, faceless folk newcomer, Cyrene.

“It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do”

Last week, ‘Wicked Game’, the third single from illusive folk artist Cyrene, made its way into the public realm. The singer is quickly cementing herself as one to watch, most recently gaining support from The Times, with her consistently soulful and credible cover versions of classic songs. The thing that sets Cyrene apart is that you can hear and feel the sentiment behind every word. This isn’t a session musician job, Cyrene takes the lyrics and reinterprets them for modern day life, love, pain and joy.

For her third single, Cyrene confronts her myth on a cover of the Chris Isaac classic Wicked Game. The story of the fearless huntress with whom Apollo was so besotted that he built a city in her name. She was Ancient Greece’s most bewitching woman and a rare instance of a powerful, independent female in a world run by men.

Countless artists have covered Wicked Game since the song’s release in 1990 – among them Tangerine Dream, R.E.M, London Grammar, James Vincent McMorrow and a Swedish metal band. Cyrene’s sensual reworking reclaims the feminist essence of the original and continues her quest bring her influence and spirit in to the present day.

The strength in which Cyrene conveys the meaning behind what she sings, paired with the stripped back acoustic arrangement of drums, guitar and strings creates a solitary, introverted beauty – a timeless sound that forces the listener to sit back and listen as a thousand memories flash across their mind sparked by the lyrics as she again harmonises with no one but herself.

With this being the third single in three months by Cyrene, we wonder is there an EP on the horizon? We really hope so.

Wicked Game – Cyrene
November 30, 2018 – Amplify
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