An acoustic folk re-imagination of the 90’s pop classic originally recorded by Duran Duran, ‘Ordinary World’ is a refreshing taste of what’s to come from brand new artist Cyrene.

The second in a series of singles by the emerging singer and instrumentalist, ‘Ordinary World’ presents a finger-picking guitar style reminiscent of Nick Drake and a brooding cello line that brings back haunting memories of Gary Jules’ smash hit re-working of Tear for Fears’ classic track ‘Mad World’. Cyrene’s sound is anything but ordinary.

“I can’t escape the ghost of you”

Shrouded in mystery, the artist’s story is driven by myths surrounding the fallen city of Cyrene in Libya. Through the singer, familiar lyrics take on new meanings and the spellbinding sound has an otherworldly aura and a dreamlike quality fixed neither in time nor place. Along with her previous single ‘Rocket Man’, Cyrene’s songs are like re-interpretations that aim to enchant, surprise and blur boundaries rather than to simply sing another person’s song well (which she does do very well by the way).

“Every one Is my world, I will learn to survive”

From the second verse, Cyrene’s soft other-worldly tone falls in and out of beautifully built harmonies effortlessly creating a lonely but uplifting air as she harmonises with no one but herself. As the song rises and falls in breaths of violin strings, piano keys and soft drum beats, Cyrene’s voice holds the real power as she pulls the listener with her on a journey from pensive to positive, projecting the song’s meaning of overcoming sorrows and looking toward a hopeful future. The powerful storytelling nature of Cyrene’s music via beautiful re-interpretation of popular songs is a welcome escape from today’s busy world and we can’t wait to hear more from her.

‘Ordinary World’ is out this Friday, 26th October.