ANTI – October 27th

Curtis Harding is the epitome of a genre-eschewing artist. His 2014 debut Soul Power melded garage-rock, funk and Motown with little regard for boundaries, while he says he finds the soul that’s often ascribed to him in everything from country to punk. Second album Face Your Fear proves as much, his velvet falsetto the unifying factor between songs as disparate as the acoustic sensuality of ‘Welcome To My World’ or the Bowie synth- laden ‘Dream Girl’. Produced in collaboration with Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen, it’s also a more refined record. Each flourish earns its place in the songs, while Harding’s lyrics make strong statements, romantic or otherwise (the title track speaks to America’s current political situation), without overpowering the lush atmosphere of this timeless, eloquent record.

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Live: Scala on November 29th