At once blissfully serene and tenderly melancholic, ‘I Feel Like I Am Changin” sees Cub Sport deliver some of their most emotionally vulnerable and resplendently delicate work to date. We caught up with Cub Sport frontperson Tim Nelson to find out five tracks that have influenced their songwriting.

Taken from their upcoming fourth album LIKE NIRVANA, due out in July, Cub Sport’s latest single feels sublimely weightless and wistfully ethereal. Lyrically reflective, the track is matched by hazy, trippy visuals that oscillate between sunny floral landscapes and warped, dark imaginations. At the core of the upcoming record is a bold clarity and honesty to Nelson’s songwriting, as they say themselves “I’m prepared to reveal everything in these songs.” And ‘I Feel Like I Am Changin” certainly channels this openness and self-assurance.

Get to know Cub Sport In Five…

Grimes – Delete Forever

I love Grimes so much as an artist and as a person. I feel like this song in particular shows off Grimes’ incredible songwriting ability – I love how fearlessly she forges into new sonic territory. I heard this song on the back of a pretty major stylistic switch-up in some of my own writing and recording where I’d started to incorporate more guitars and live/organic elements and seeing a similar sonic development in one of my favourite artists was really exciting.

Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel #2

I first listened to the lyrics of this song in 2013 when Lana Del Rey covered it and that lead to me delving into Leonard Cohen’s discography. I grew up with Dad playing Leonard in the car but I just wanted to listen to Britney at the time so I never really took it in or appreciated it. The lines ‘giving me head on the unmade bed’ and ‘we are ugly but we have the music’ hit me so hard. They were so revealing and so deep. In 2013 I was yet to come out as queer and it felt like I hid a lot of myself and would avoid being vulnerable and real in most of my lyrics. Listening to this song properly caused a change in my approach to songwriting. I wanted to write songs that meant something, that made me feel something. This will always be one of my favourite songs and I have Leonard to thank for inspiring to me to look within.

The 1975 – The Birthday Party

The 1975 are fearless innovators. We joined them for their Australian tour and that was when I really had my eyes opened to the magic that is The 1975. This song and video in particular are so beautiful. The breadth of styles and energies across their discography is huge and exciting and I proudly see a bit of a parallel between Cub Sport and The 1975 in that way.

Kanye West – Runaway feat Pusha T

Kanye is a genius and this song is a masterpiece. It’s so beautiful and emotive! Kanye incorporates abrasive sounds and techniques but it still feels and sounds so heavenly. The distorted autotune vocal solo is virtuosic and definitely inspired some moments on our album LIKE NIRVANA, one track in particular ‘Break Me Down (with Mallrat)’

FKA twigs – Cellophane 

The unbridled emotion and vulnerability in twigs’ voice and the accompanying piano and strange string sounds gives me goosebumps. I was gasping when I saw the music video for the first time. I love twigs’ otherworldly energy and the way she brings that to every song, visual piece and live performance. That commitment to the energy and vision of the project is really inspiring.

‘Like Nirvana’ is out July 24th. Pre-order here.

Photo credit: Buster Parks