Why do you live in London?
Crows all moved to London from small towns. We initially moved for university but also for the need to be around more like-minded people and to experience new culture. London continues to inspire us in that way, whether that be new music, art and events, or just by being part of a more diverse community.

What are your go-to places to eat and drink?
I work a restaurant job to pay the bills so a lot of the places i go to eat and drink are places that are either run by friends or have decent deals on that make it easier on the wallet. Nelson’s Head pub is a cozy traditional boozer, just off Columbia Road; perfect for a casual pint and has the plus of having a log fire. Shacklewell Arms is the place I go to if I want to get a pint and see music. Most shows are free entry. Del 74 on Kingsland Road is a Mexican place has the best tequila/taco happy hour deal in the land. Pueblito Paisa cafe is my local restaurant in Seven Sisters. Authentic Colombian food that is also super cheap.

We’re deep into winter now. Where are the best places to hunker down away from the cold?
I’m Sri Lankan. I don’t do well in the cold but Winter is actually the best time to be creative. Getting an instrument out or working on new material is a lot easier when it is cold af outside. If not I’ll be drinking way too many beers at the pub…

What’s the best way to spend one really good day here?
Go to a different part of the city you’ve not been to. London is the greenest city in the world so there are plenty of parks and woodland areas. All the museums are free. Go to them. Go to ethnic food markets and eat something new.

Do you have any favourite outdoor spaces?
Hampstead Heath.

What’s the bit of London that you live in got that the rest of London hasn’t?
I’m really close to Walthamstow Marshes and a really great Latino food market.

What’s the worst thing about London?
It can be really fucking expensive.

Do you have any favourite venues?
Shacklewell Arms for small bands, Brixton Academy for the big ones.

Does living here influence the music you write?
Inspiration usually comes from watching others and my own personal state of mind. Living in London has a part to play in these things but i don’t think this particular city defines my musical output. People create and get inspired no matter where they live.

How would you advise someone to get the most out of London?
London can be quite isolating as a lot of people need to work really hard to make ends meet. It’s also massive so getting from one side of the other is difficult. I would say don’t be afraid to go out and do things yourself: you don’t need other people to make the most of it.

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