Marathon Artists – October 13th

It was only supposed to be two songs for a fun 7″. Then they thought, why not a 12″? Five tunes. And then slowly, after 15 months of crisscrossing the globe, the pair of drawling singers and guitar slingers settled on this nine-song LP. It’s all down to the good vibes, Kurt explains, and the Philly native ain’t wrong. The dynamic duo with Australia-born Courtney and an all-star band of Sleater-Kinney, Warpaint, Violators and Dirty Three members is a positively relaxed affair with plenty of oblique slacker lyrics and solid rocking jams. The duelling guitar riffs and doubled up vocals make this as woozy, pleasurable and warm as you’d expect. But the big surprise is Courtney’s delightful solo acoustic guitar take on Kurt’s ‘Peepin’ Tomboy’.

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