Ample Play Records – March 6th

It’s been eight years since Cornershop’s previous album, but their motif hasn’t changed: just strike up a loose two or three-chord pattern and let it roll, utilising a selection of instruments that seem to have been raided from the school orchestra, while Tijnder Singh delivers astute lyrical maxims. At its windswept best, it’s joyous, and this album is generous in that regard.

Northern soul-style opener, ‘St Marie Under Canon’ is peak Cornershop, with perhaps their best hook since, whisper it, ‘Brimful Of Asha’, while ‘No Rock Save in Roll.’ goes flares-and-platforms glam in its tribute to the “concrete California” of Singh’s Midlands roots. ‘Everywhere That Wog Army Roam’ sets a satire on police brutality to calypso-lite and, though the formula wanes a little thereafter, “The Holy Name’ delivers a cynical yet sonically buoyant album closer from this most singular band.

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