The Downfall Recordings boss features in our latest In Short ahead of his live hardware show at I Love Acid this weekend…

Posthuman’s I Love Acid is an ode to the 303, a series of parties and a vinyl-only label that’s been running since 2007. With past guests including the likes of Luke Vibert (cue, his track ‘I Love Acid‘ here), DJ Pierre, Plaid and Terry Farley, the next edition will feature a debut live show from Connor Acid aka Con-Sequence, a former bootlegger-turned-rehabilitation officer whose first ever record was picked up and released by DJ Pierre himself.

Starting off at his stall in Camden, selling recordings of punk bands on tape, Connor – always with a keen ear for new sounds – was perfectly positioned to pick up on acid house as it bubbled in the underground and later exploded into a bona fide scene in the capital. Punk recordings soon became DJ mixes, as Connor sold brand new sounds dropping from everyone from Carl Cox to Harvey B, Markie Mark, I Love Acid resident Placid, and a whole host of other underground DJs playing acid at the time.

Veering away from the high profile DJ mentality, Connor is fully invested in the underground; playing music to committed fans on small, dark and intimate dance floors. The Pickle Factory will surely play the ideal host to his high energy palette. Now, Connor hosts Downfall parties in London and runs Downfall Recordings with his friend and fellow label-head Chris aka The Auditor. A testament to the quality of the records they’re putting out, every Downfall Recordings release has sold out on wax.

On Friday 17th January, Con-Sequence will join the I Love Acid crew at The Pickle Factory to play his first ever live hardware show. He’ll be joined by electro legends Transparent Sound (also playing live), Rinse FM resident Wes Baggaley, Paranoid London frontman Josh Caffe, and I Love Acid’s own Posthuman. Get tickets here.

We’re delighted to have spoken with Connor aka Con-Sequenece, an undisputed acid house stalwart, ahead of his I Love Acid show. Get to know him In Short below…

Three words to describe my music
Machine-driven acid house

The first artist you saw live
Ha! That’s a funny question to ask an ex-bootlegger, but I started going to see punk bands when I was 13 or 14 – I got into the local pub that was on the gigging circuit. I’ve seen every decent band that was playing in the UK in the 80s. I was there either because I liked them or because they were a band that would sell tapes, or sometimes both! The first electronic dance live act I saw was Adamski, back when he still had Daddy Chester MCing for him, at Sunrise in ’89

Favourite label
Old – gotta be Trax from Chicago
New – I’ve got to give love to the British underground independent labels like I Love Acid, Weapons Of Desire, Super Rhythm Trax, Don’t, Chicago Bee, Computer Controlled, Balkan, and of course my own Downfall Recordings

The best venue to play
So far, it’s been Heaven. It’s such an iconic venue and I was buzzing just walking in there after nearly 30 years

The best venue to party at
I don’t like the super big clubs running on hype. I like real clubs, with real people that are actually there for the music and the artists playing. We were recently running our night from an illegal venue, a basement under a deli – those are my favourite venues. That being said, I think Pickle is a wicked venue with a pukka system

Most underrated producer
My Downfall co-owner Chris aka The Auditor – I spend a lot of time in his studio and when he sets his mind to it his productions are brilliant – watch this space!

Best track to save a flagging dance floor
Well, as I love acid house so much it’s gonna be something like ‘Machines’ by Laurent X. Wherever I am in at a party, if this drops, I’m on the dance floor.

An artist you’d recommend to fans of your own music
Auto Sound City, Posthuman and The Auditor

A track you’re listening to on repeat
Overdose by Fat Jack – killer acid house forthcoming on our label

A record that cheers you up
Phuture – ‘We are Phuture

Three artists you’d book to play your birthday party
Jeez that’s a hard question – it would of been Armando, RIP, but not possible so…
Mike Dunn playing an acid house set
Harvey B/Choci Roc – circa ’89 Tonka set
Mark Allen/Placid/Brian Sullivan – the best 3 vinyl acid house DJs in this country!
I know I’ve cheated but, it’s my birthday!

Con-Sequence play live at I Love Acid at The Pickle Factory on Friday January 17th.