facebooktwitterSometimes a sound comes along so naked that it feels like it’s been staring us down the whole time. Connie Constance has been variously labelled ‘soul’, ‘dance/electronic’ and ‘alternative/indie’ but the truth is she’s all feels. Tunes like ‘Stars’ and ‘Answer’ are built sparsely, often incorporating a keyed chord progression. What’s front-and-centre are her lyrics, which with classic British wit (she’s professed a love for Weller and The Libertines) often explore themes of selfhood in love and in our environments. New tune ‘Let Go’ is the first taste from her upcoming Boring Connie EP and it’s the best place to start. Lyrically razor sharp, it’s a deeply human account of the end of a relationship and the bipolarity of those contradicting emotions.

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