UK Garage producer Conducta, recently returned with his new single “Sleep” – featuring the delectable vocals of ‘pop poet’ Liv Dawson, and producer/song-writer Courage. We caught up with him to chat a little about his journey over the last few years.

After the release of his single ‘Only U’, with a cinematic visual shot in Paris, Conducta was propelled further into the limelight, doubling his fan base and even hosting an agony uncle themed show with Mista Jam on BBC Radio 1. This all comes in the wake of his ‘Did You See remix for J Hus, and more recently an alternative version of Jorja Smith’s hit single ‘On My Mind’, titled ‘Finally Found’, which saw the singer herself championing Conducta, and asking him to DJ at her 21st birthday party.

Hailing from Bristol and currently residing in West London, Conducta aims to bring a modern flare and genre-blend to the nostalgic Garage sound, and has garnered nods of approval from the likes of AJ Tracey, Jorja Smith, J HUS, GoldLink, DJ EZ, MJ Cole, Skrillex, Heartless Crew  & more.

With his back catalogue in his pocket (Singles such as ‘Still You’, ‘Hurt Me’ and ‘Wanna Go’), Conducta has supported DJ EZ in his home town of Bristol, and What So Not at his sold-out headline show at XOYO; mixing for 2 hours on end, and bringing out guests including AJ Tracey, Sweetie Irie, Coco, and more.

Further cementing himself as a favourite in his genre, Conducta has even caught the attention of Soulection and OWSLA  (with Skrillex being a big fan,) along the way. With the promise of the US acknowledging the UK sound of Garage, Conducta is breaking boundaries like never before; making waves with a sound that was previously thought to be UK-only, and paralleling the Grime scene’s movements.

Beth first met Conducta for an interview back in Bristol 3 years ago so we sent them to reunite and reflect on the producer’s journey from then til now and how he went on to become the “Prince of UKG”.


Hey! So I actually first spoke to you way back in November 2015, I think you were the first person I’d ever interviewed! It’s safe to say a lot has changed since then – can you give us a brief overview of your journey over the past three years.

 Crazy! A brief overview of my journey would be that i’ve been able to hone in and flourish in my sound. I’ve worked with many artists who 3 years ago i would’ve dreamed of working with & I’ve been able to play UK Garage in places I didn’t ever think I’d get to

It’s not uncommon for producers over that time span to naturally fall into other genres but you’ve managed to keep it UK Garage through and through – what’s kept you so loyal to it? 

For me its my sound which i know i can help push to forefront of UK Culture again. A big difference from 3 years ago is that I wasn’t as able to draw influence form other sounds as much. But now i have a lot more confidence in my production & versatility to draw from anything but still give it the midas garage touch.

Word in the underground is that you’ve been hailed the Prince of UKG… I can probably guess you’re answer to this but who would you say is the King?

King EZ 100%

“There’s no checkpoint in music for me and I know I can always better my craft as a producer.”

Are there any women you can think of that are particularly pushing the genre?

 Flava D has been doing her thing for a while now, Shosh from 24hr Garage Girls too. Jossy Mitsu is probably one of my favourite garage selectors. Theres also a producer called K Minor who is definitely worth keeping an eye on

So let’s talk about Craig David. You remixed his hit song “Heartline” last year, that must have really been a mad time for you. 

Yeah it a special moment. Craig is a lovely guy, I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the studio with him and hes had me play his Ibiza TS5 Residency. Its great to have respect and belief from someone as talented as him!

You’ve also worked with some amazing names in UK music including Big Zuu, Mina Rose, Alyss, Lifford, Coco and, a percy for me, Murlo; how do you think collaboration has contributed to your growth not just in a career sense but as a producer full stop?

Collaboration is Key in music. Learning from others and being in presence of other artists allows you to constantly be learning and evolving. There’s no checkpoint in music for me and I know I can always better my craft as a producer.

If you could summarise now what you do as an artist, what would you say? 

I’d say I’m a producer or artist in the same way you have Kaytranada, Steel Bangles, JAE5 all killing it in their respective genres. My model is that but with UK Garage.

Back in our 2015 interview you said “Whatever I produce I’m just always trying to make sure it’s something I enjoy and can dance to, those are the essentials for me.” Does that still stand? 

Without a doubt. Groove within a track is something that has to be present. Its easy to make club music with no groove which is just about drops or small moments but I’ve definitely come to understand the important of balancing both but making the song a journey with an array of moments.

Talk us through your recent track “Sleep” feat. Liv Dawson & Courage. 

Sleep was initially an R’n’b track Courage showed me but thought i could flip into Garage. So for me it was perfect being able to use my remix process to make a new single. Once the instrumental was there, I knew Liv’s voice would be perfect for it!

Lastly, we hear you’re on the festival circuit this summer, any you’re particularly looking forward to? 

Its been a great summer so far, Sequences in Bristol, Bestival, and Eastern Electrics – those have been just a few great highlights. Really looking forward to Cream Fields & Rize festival coming up!

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