Comet Gain – Paperback Ghosts // Album Review

paperbackghostsFortuna Pop! – out now

Paperback Ghosts was written while wandering the familiar streets of North London, and thus this is an album of memories and wistful nostalgia. With those ruminations on broken hearts, missed opportunities and tumbling decay, it captures both the melancholic yearning for yesteryear that comes from golden gatherings and the buoyant emotion this creates. Along with their trademark jangly pop, we see dashes of buzzing psych on ‘Confessions of a Daydream’ and garage pop punkyness on ‘Breaking Open The Head Part 1’. The everyday mingles with the mysterious, infusing those ordinary situations with a sense of the spiritual. This is an enchanting album of “lost souls… holding on to life,” and lord knows, that speaks to us all.


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