Colleagues // In Five


It’s no surprise that we’re full of excitement for Colleagues’ first ever London shows, that are coming up later this month. Our love affair with their glittering Swedish pop started almost two years ago when we came across the gem of ‘Parents House‘ on Soundcloud. We liked it so much it became the first release, with the hugely euphoric ‘Tears‘ on our very own label In Stereo Records last year. Now, having just released their debut EP Visits, we’re throwing a party at Birthdays on July 22nd and, even better, it’s free. Come party with us, we’ll bring the balloons.

They talk us through some of the music that inspired Visits before the show:

The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s On Fire

This is just one of those songs that suits any moment. It always brings me into a wonderful mood, it gives everything a slight shimmer. Probably the one song we’ve listened the most too, yet never grown tired of.

St. Lucia – Before The Dive

One of our absolute favorites, with its huge chorus and glittering synthesizers. We discovered it three years ago, sitting in our first home studio, searching the internet for new music. Before The Dive has not only inspired our songwriting; it also brings our best summertime memories back to life.

Niki & The Dove – The Drummer

A powerful dance anthem by the underrated Swedish duo. It excellently captures those wonderful club night moments when you totally disconnect from the world outside. Their productions have always been a big inspiration and this song sort of captures the essence of their brilliance.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna

Last summer we went to the south of Sweden to record some music and there was two albums that were on repeat in the car when we drove there. Particularly from one of the albums was this song. One of the best songs out of 2014, without a doubt. And just driving around in the amazing Österlen landscape listening to this song opened up for a lot of inspiration to what became the EP.

Chairlift – I Belong In Your Arms

The album that featured this song was released right before we started making music together. We listened to it a lot back then and a lot of the first things we did was inspired by this track, the electronic elements, smooth synths and the playfulness in the vocals is nothing short of wonderful. And the theme of the lyrics in the song is so well matched with the mood that the music sets. Even though it’s one of the first tracks that inspired us it still lingers and reminds us of the first time of creating stuff together.

Come see Colleagues at Birthdays on July 22nd (Free) with us