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Rock. Oh, glorious rock ‘n’ roll. Wanna hear it done properly? Then catch Philly band Cold Fronts at the London in Stereo stage at this year’s The Great Escape in Brighton. It’s the festival where you get to savour the talent of the next generation of singers and songwriters, all while partying yourself silly by the seaside. Rockin’ indeed.

Helmed by Craig Almquist since 2012, the band has returned from a triumphant – and often chaotic – set of gigs at SXSW showcase in Texas. The four-strong line-up have form in Texas after they convinced Seymour Stein, president of Sire Records, to sign the band after he walked past their impromptu street-side show last year.

The band has gone on to release an EP with Kyle Slick Johnson (Wavves, The Hives, Modest Mouse) titled FOREVER at the end of last year and they are currently polishing off their debut album. The band has shared stages with The Vaccines, The Cribs, The Front Bottoms, The Districts, Vacationer. And more importantly, they can handle being on tour with the great and noisy Sub Pop rock pranksters, Pissed Jeans – which is no mean feat.

This weekend, it’s their chance to light up The Great Escape with their compelling mix of intricate guitars and poppy hooks, all stitched together with great lashings of Ramones-style rock. To help thaw out the incoming Cold Fronts we applied a bit of British springtime sun and asked Craig the tough questions:

If I had to describe our music in three words, I’d use…
Riffs for dayzz

My favourite film ever is…
Almost Famous, hands down. It’s part of the reason I fell in love with touring.

The most famous person I’ve met is…
Paul Rudd. He came into the coffee shop I worked at and invited to me to come hang out on set.

The best venue I’ve played so far is…
We played at Union Transfer in Philadelphia with The Vaccines. It’s a really pretty venue and I was stoked to be on such a good bill.

The song I hate the most is…
I never really liked the song Layla by Eric Clapton. I always wonder, when is the last time I’m gonna hear this song?

The worst job I’ve ever had is…
I worked at a really redneck food establishment that tried to make me cut my hair. I got fired before that happened.

If I was in a tribute band it would be a….
I would definitely wanna do a Ramones tribute band. Really wanna cover Oh Oh I Love Her So.

My favourite word is….

If I had a super power I’d want it to be….
I want whatever Spiderman’s got. I want the web stuff, the spider sense, the crawling on ceilings.

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…
I’ve always wanted to play in Sweden. My family heritage started there and it seems like a beautiful place.

I think you should listen to…
Bully. I’ve got them a couple times in Philadelphia and in NYC and they rule. (Bully also play The Great Escape)

If I could see anyone play live it would be…


Cold Fronts play the London In Stereo stage at The Great Escape on Thursday 14th May at Patterns (7.45 pm)