A monthly feature in which we move out of the live space and into the club, handpicking five parties and five releases worth your attention.


Huntleys + Palmers ~ The Final Fling!

Friday 8th December 2017, Bussey Building
SOPHIE | Veronica Vasicka (Minimal Wave set) | Auntie Flo | Bufiman/Wolf Muller | Konakov | Mehmet Aslan | Permanent Vacation | Public Possession | LAPS | Wheelman | Wilted Woman | Zozo | & more TBA

Hailing from Glasgow before settling in London, party/DJ outfit and record label Huntleys + Palmers have been putting on parties for a decade. Over the years they’ve excelled as much in an intimate space as they have hosting huge guests of all shapes and sounds. As they move their focus away from promoting, they’ve invited some of their oldest friends down for a huge last dance. SOPHIE, Veronica Vasicka and Auntie Flo take the helm for the final time in a string of many H+P appearances. Expect a monumental send off.



Saturday 9th December 2017, Five Miles
DJ Lycox | Florentino | SHEEN | New Age Muzik | Flora Yin-Wong | Cotch Soundsystem

Cotch venture north of the river for the first time for a party at Five Miles in Tottenham. If there’s a venue that will suit Cotch, it’s Five Miles; small and dark with a killer sound system and okay-ish priced drinks. A host of club music’s most progressive labels feature, from Príncipe to PAN in the form of DJ Lycox and Flora respectively. Dance in a small black box to music that’s distinctly out of the box, with Florentino, SHEEN and NewAgeMuzik also playing. Cotch Soundsystem complete the bill.


Nervous Horizon Showcase

Friday 15th December 2017, Camden Assembly
TSVI | Wallwork | Lokane | Lloyd SB | Luru

Camden Assembly continue their forward thinking Friday night programming with Nervous Horizon’s first official London showcase. The label – which is run by TSVI and Wallwork – operates out of their machine-packed studio in Hackney Wick. Their sound is built around thumping bass and tough, off kilter drums. Throw in a smattering of wonky techno and grime and you have a Nervous Horizon show. If you needed any extra encouragement, their monthly Radar show will air on December 11th as a precursor to what promises to be an excellent night of bass-centric club music in Camden.


DJ Harvey’s XXX-Mas

Saturday 16th December 2017, Ministry of Sound
The Box: DJ Harvey | Young Marco | 103, hosted by Love International: Gideo (NYC Downlow) | Dave Harvey | & guests | The Loft, hosted by Desperate Soundsystem: Jarvis Cocker | Steve Mackey | Jaye Ward | Baby Box: Thris Tian | Pinky Perzelle

Ministry of Sound have hosted a number of DJ Harvey parties of late, and they’ve all been an absolute joy. The master of sexy, grooving soundscapes takes the helm in The Box supported by the inimitable Amsterdam producer Young Marco. Dave Harvey of Love International and Futureboogie hosts 103 with Gideon of Glastonbury’s NYC Downlow heading up proceedings. Don’t forget your Christmas hat.


Detroit Swindle (All Night Long)

Friday 22nd December 2017, Phonox
Detroit Swindle

Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets are the dynamic Detroit Swindle duo, brought together by a mutual love for early house, hip hop and Motown. As head honchos and A&R maestros of their Heist Recordings which launched in 2013, the pair have helped drive the careers of artists like Adesse Versions and Max Graef. The last Detroit Swindle party at Phonox went down a storm – a crate diggers’ dream – and we expect the same and more this time around.



‘Aunt Wendy’s Wedding In Wales’ – Desert Sound Colony (Holding Hands, November 2017)

If this wonky breakbeat is anything to go by, we should invite Liam Wach’s Welsh Aunty to the rave.

‘Sexual Healing’ – Keita Sano (November 2017)

Close your eyes and lose yourself to Keita Sano’s latest sublime house cut.

‘Chemical Jam’ – Bloody Mary (dame-music, November 2017)

Bloody Mary is taking no prisoners with this thumping acid track.

‘Shades’ – CLUBKELLY (November 2017)

CLUBKELLY of Crazylegs works his dancefloor magic on IAMDDB’s ‘Shade’.

‘Truth or Dare (Hot Boyz Dub) [BB Edit]’ – Kelela x Steve Gurley (November 2017)

The Night Slugs head honcho takes Kelela’s (already fire) ‘Truth or Dare’ and gives it the mother of all garage makeovers.

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