Wichita Recordings – October 19th

Ever since a collection of lo-fi indie demos surfaced in 2010, Cloud Nothings, have chosen to build and deconstruct their sound with every new release. Their latest is no exception as the band build on the melodic affair of their last album Life Without Sound, adding fury and bile to every song. ‘On An Edge’ is a blisteringly brutal track that pummels you with its perfectly timed loud/quiet dynamics and searing guitar riffs. The earworm sensibilities of bands like Hüsker Dü and The Wipers live on in songs like ‘Leave Him Now’ and ‘Offer An End’. Drowning in drama and distortion Last Building Burning is an album that rattles and shakes in all the right places; perfect for emotional singalongs in bedrooms all over.

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Live: EartH on January 31st