Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else // Album Review

cloud nothingWichita // March 31st

Dylan Baldi’s Cloud Nothings project has seen its existence evolve in the most honest of lights. His catalogue is one that thrives in the adolescent anxiety, angst and joy that, in truth, never goes away for any of us. And in Here And Nowhere Else, Baldi continues to etch out his niche as one of the most hospitable songwriters around. A breathless half hour, it’s an album that manages, somehow, to not break under the astonishing weight of ideas and emotion it crams in. The just-under three minutes of highlight Psychic Trauma is a perfect encapsulation of everything Cloud Nothings exists to be in its arm-swinging and breathless punk charm, where Giving Into Seeing shatters through its lurching, Nirvana-owing bridge to a chorus-raising burst of tangible energy. As I’m Not A Part Of Me’s final, strained chord rings out, it’s impossible to ignore why this album of resilient and relatable anthems has sucha title


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