Relapse Records – 18th August

Isolation and song writing have always been bedfellows; among the desolation in Cloakroom’s native Northwest Indiana, their surroundings gave space and time to perfect their writing approach, right down to building their own rehearsal space. In their latest offering, Time Well, there’s a sense that despite falling under the heavier leanings of Relapse Records, Cloakroom’s distorted decay takes at least one or two phases from Low and Jesu’s mournful song writing. Each dense, shoegazey section gives way to prettier washed-out sections, like on personal favourite ‘The Sun Won’t Let Us Go’.

The glacial sparsity does sound jarring in the middle of summer, but they’ve always been a band of blending dynamics. It’s more focused than previous album Further Out, but if it was as streamlined, you’d lose the ethereal sense of dreams, human doubt and what happens after we leave this weird planet.

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