Sub Pop – 18th October

Experimental hip-hop group Clipping. have become something of an outlier in the scene over their career so far. Four albums in, they have carved a niche space for themselves that sits somewhere between Death Grips, cLOUDDEAD and the Anticon roster.

Producers William Hutson and Johnathan Snipes have created a musical landscape on There Existed an Addiction to Blood that somehow manages to simultaneously be sparse and atmospheric while also abrasive and challenging, such as on ‘Run For Your Life’. Rapper Daveed Diggs meanwhile, has both an incredible flow and poetry that completes this impeccably engaging package. As the title suggests, blood paints the walls of every nightmarish room Diggs’ narrator staggers through here – perhaps best displayed on the Ed Balloon featuring ‘He Dead’ – with evocative lines such as ‘how fast can them bare feet run? the answer is barely, isn’t it.’  Elsewhere, explosions of noise unsettle the listener – intentionally – while Diggs walks us through a society’s worth of obsession with violence, all coming to a chilling conclusion of an 18-minute recording of a piano burning. Much like Girl Band’s recent album, there is a real pleasure in revelling in horror.

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