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Clarence Clarity is a unique new artist, with so many influences feeding into each track, they bounce around, taking twists and turns you’d never expect, that no one else would dare create. Yet throughout everything his roots remain firmly in pop, the dramatic hooks, refrains and melodies become instant earworms, so rapidly changing you’ll be wanting to listen on repeat. So get started with his new track ‘Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash’, from his new album No Now below. We take a closer look at those pop roots and influences below.

“Here are some things that have influenced the way I think in one way or another…”

Chuck Person – Too Little, Too Late 

I like Daniel Lopatin, and aside from his Oneohtrix Point Never output being some of the most forward thinking music of recent years, I like his sense of humour. I also like JoJo, so this Chuck Person mixtape is really ideal. I tweeted at JoJo recently actually, wondering if she wanted to work together. She hasn’t replied yet, but I’m guessing its cos she’s just about the music and aint got time to mess about on social media.

Katy Perry – This Is How We Do

I like Katy Perry™. If you haven’t heard of her yet you should check her out. The first album (obviously not counting the Katy Hudson album) had a great punk essence with textbook melodic hooks and the loudest most pristine production this side of the Milky Way. Then the second record was a masterful meditation on adolescence, and finding herself as a women… Then PRISM came out and everything I heard off it sucked (IMHO). But wait! Five singles down the line and they drop ‘This Is How We Do’ – why the fuck was this not the lead single? I mean yeah, the spoken bits make me want to rip my own ears off, but that chorus is to my mind… phenomenal. I like the video too.

Conway’s Game Of Life

I like chaos. I’ve always leaned towards disorder, and ugliness in art, but I’m also a massive control freak. So I really warmed to chaos theory, Madelbrot sets etc, and over the last few years I’ve been developing methods and relatively simple systems for creating what sounds like a load of trashy noise, but is actually spawned from one very simple set of conditions that just need a little push. Playing God I guess. But yeah, I’ve got this down now – so it might come across like a jumble of nonsense to you but I can now repeat this nonsense over and over and over again. So watch out for that.  (I think Conway’s Game Of Life is a nice example of this…)


I like American Football. Maybe not for normal reasons though. The action is like a quiet-loud grunge dynamic – calm focus into a primal eruption of bodies flying everywhere, then repeat. Its kinda like the ‘Nevermind’ of sports. Calculated violence. I find the repetition hypnotic. And I like the percussiveness of the protective pads all clattering together. For the same reason I enjoy skateboarding videos. But I generally have no interest in sports.


I like ‘Autonomous sensory meridian response’ videos. Its interesting – it seems to be the sort of thing you either get or you don’t. And people that don’t get it find it weird and almost perverse. I like it for the obvious relaxation/sleep reasons, and have certain ‘triggers’ that seem to be more effective than others, but I think more than that I just like this type of human interaction. The internet on the whole is a sensory overload – too much information all at the same time in a million different colours and sounds. ASMR videos slow everything right down, and its just one human being talking calmly and directly to another (you). Some of the best ‘ASMRtists’ are making long-form works of art with no pretence and a level of detail and subtly that seems to have got lost in our interaction with each other. The example here is Ephemeral Rift, who is like an orb of epic calm, and is one of my favourites.


Clarence Clarity is on tour with Jungle from Feb 17th – March 6th

Preorder No Now, out on Bella Union March 2nd