facebooktwitter Clara La San arrived late in my 2017 via the extraordinary ‘Feel Good’, which dished up casual scorn for an ex over beats icy enough to save the polar icecaps and a “Yeah, I got this” interpolation of Shalamar’s ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’. If I’d been concentrating harder I’d know the producer has been garnering attention for a while via Soundcloud smash ‘Let You Go’ but hey, I’m here now. Clara’s late-November mixtape Good Mourning forms a first official release and is filled with bedroom-produced wonder which every time you reckon you’ve got a handle on (downtempo club tracks for clubs I can’t get into) throws thrilling curveballs like pop gem ‘Strangers’ or piano-drenched weepy ‘Guide Me’. 2018 will deliver the actual stars to Clara La San.

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