Clams-Casino-32-LevelsColumbia Records – July 15th

Remember when cloud rap was a thing? If so, you’re probably familiar with producer Clams Casino. His woozy, dreamlike beats featured on career­-defining releases by A$AP Rocky, Lil B and Vince Staples, and formed the bedrock of his wildly popular Instrumentals mixtape series. His debut album 32 Levels is his most significant solo work since the Rainforest EP (his finest achievement to date) and features old and new friends alike. Kelela predictably kills it on the sultry rumbles of ‘A Breath Away’ while ‘All Nite’ is a banging sequel to Clams/Staples collab ‘Norf Norf’. Not all the partnerships are as rewarding (stay clear of the Future Islands track) but overall the evolution of Clam’s sound on 32 Levels is a welcome treat.

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Live: Village Underground, August 11th